Live Streaming

Reach your fans everywhere by live steaming your events

Live Streaming Services

TV Channel Live Streaming

We will transcode your Input video and provide you with a un-buffered online stream to your global customers

Event Live Streaming

We provide a solution whereby the video content can be streamed directly to your TV studio, or to the CDN directly for distribution to your global customers. This is especially useful when compared to the cost of hiring an OB van for covering the event, the positioning of the equipment, and you can get similar quality when using our solution.

Digital Remastering

VHS & Hi8 to Digital

Memories have a lifespan — at least when it comes to those captured on the all-but-dead medium called Video Home System, aka VHS. The format was never intended to last forever and degrades over time. Do you have old VHS tapes or Hi-8 tapes? All those old memories are priceless. As the days go by though, it is difficult to preserve these, so why not convert them to digital formats so that those priceless moments are always there? Once converted, you can download it online!


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